Ever wonder, how much site traffic you need
for a successful online business?

Unsure, no worries you can change your responses later


Enter your dream goal, or just what you need to get by.

Total monthly sales is often referred to as Monthly Recurring Revenue(MRR).

This is total revenue prior to expenses.

According to Hubspot, on average landing pages generate a 5-15% conversion rate.

Typically site visitors do not purchase on their first visit.

Consider using an email opt-in, lead magnet and or free trial as a way to facilitate further interactions.

After a Visitor Signs Up or Opt-in they are a Guest.

Using 10-25% conversion rate should be inline with averages.


For a membership site that charges $20 per month, enter $20

For different price plans or items that are not monthly enter the average sales per customer per month.

For businesses with recurring subscriptions, shoot for higher than 90%

Customers only stay customers if they are receiving value for the money.

Which makes referral rates are a great way to validate your solution.